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Dress Code

Here at Dinas Powis we are a friendly, laid back and welcoming Golf Club. We do however ask that when playing Golf that you do wear the required attire.

* Dinas Powis Golf Club prides itself on being progressive and as such club house attire is generally smart casual with jeans (not ripped) allowed.
* Golf shoes should not be worn in any carpeted areas of the club house other than the locker rooms.
* No caps or hats should be worn in the clubhouse.
* On the course, though, we do ask that golf clothing is worn, polo shirts should have collars (we do realise that some golf attire does not have collars but these need to be branded as golf wear) and be tucked in to shorts or trousers.
* Shorts and trousers should be tailored (Cargo shorts are not acceptable) and no tracksuits.
* Golf shoes should be worn with socks.
* Ladies should wear appropriate golf attire

Look good, feel good, play good!